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Nowadays, the digital DJing market is dominated by a group of big brands such as Native Instruments, Serato, and Ableton. Nevertheless, the programs of these companies are still not the only option for DJs to choose from.

In addition to the big names, there are quite a few lesser-known apps that deserve attention. Many of them have obvious advantages, be it a great price, flexibility, or a unique way of working. Let's have a look at those.

PCDJ Dex (Pc/Mac, $179)

Along with all the standard features, you get from this software package a mixer, effects, equalizers, and more. There are also two Dex features that make it impressively flexible - a built-in switcher and karaoke support.

In terms of simple DJ functions, the app offers four virtual decks with rhythm sync and key match. There is also a sample player and loop tool.

Dex supports a fairly wide range of midi controllers and can also be used with a set of digital vinyl. The trial version is available for download from the PCDJ website.

Magix Digital DJ (Pc / Mac, $49.99)

Digital DJ2 is not the most powerful and feature-rich app on the market, but it does offer everything you need for mixing at a relatively affordable price.

The app is actually a stripped-down version of Image-Line's Deckadance, offering two-deck mixing, X/Y effect pads, a looper, and support for a wide variety of Midi controllers. In general, all the functions that Digital DJ2 offers are implemented quite nicely.

Mixvibes Cross (Pc/Mac, $118.99)

Cross from French developer Mixvibes has undergone numerous updates over the past few years, resulting in an impressive set of features.

The app has a deeply customizable interface containing four decks, an eight-slot sampler, eight assignable cue points, and 14 different effects. There is support for a range of controllers, digital vinyl systems, and the ability to import your music library directly from the Pioneer Rekordbox (which was developed by the Mixvibes themselves).

An interesting remote control app for iOS is also available, which acts as a second screen for viewing tracks or allows you to control virtual decks remotely.

Algoriddim's djay (Mac, $19.99)

Algoriddim's djay is arguably the best on iOS, but the Mac version of the app is still one of the best desktop DJ software out there.

These days djay for Mac is aimed more at beginners and people for whom it is just a hobby. The key to its good sellability (other than price) is its well-implemented iTunes integration, which allows users to browse their library and playlists directly from within the app.

There are many more flexible options for DJs. For example, a large number of effects, cue points, and a sampler built into the program. Djay, among other things, maintains an impressive list of Midi controllers, and you also can control the program using a connected remote iOS app.

Mixxx (Pc/Mac/Linux, Free)

The key advantage of Mixx is that it is free. Thus, the application has a growing community of users who regularly develop new, free-to-use features that improve the application.

The Mixxx comes standard with iTunes integration, four sample decks, loops, cue points, and support for a wide variety of playable track formats. In addition, thanks to its creative community, mappings are available for a very large range of Midi devices.

Image-Line Deckadance 2 (Pc/Mac from 57.27 Euros)

Deckadance 2 from Image-Line, the developers of FL Studio, introduces powerful grid-based editing, a customizable interface, and an excellent Smart Knob feature that allows you to set macro control over multiple parameters at once.

The app also offers four mixing decks, a 16-slot sample player, and perhaps the most impressive feature, external VST plugins, which means you can use your favorite third-party software effects and instruments.

On the other hand, Image-Line's list of pre-mapped DJ controllers lags behind some of its competitors. A great thing is that it is equipped with an automatic recognition function, so it is relatively easy to implement custom mapping.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro (Pc/Mac, $299)

VirtualDJ Pro isn't cheap - you'll have to pay $299 for the full version. This is the most expensive of the presented DJ applications. But it offers extremely flexible professional features.

In particular, VirtualDJ Pro can work with 99 virtual decks (obviously, it is not recommended to try to mix 99 tracks at the same time, but, nevertheless, it shows impressive flexibility). It is also ReWire compatible, which means it can work together with a variety of virtual studios, opening up a whole world of productivity possibilities.

The app also has line-level audio inputs and comes with mappings for a fairly wide range of DJ controllers. A more affordable version - Pro Basic - is offered for $99.


As you can see, nowadays there are plenty of tools for DJs. But if you are not a professional and simply want to download a video or song or convert a YouTube video to MP3, YouTube Video Downloader will be enough.

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