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It is hard to find a Canadian who knows nothing about Katie Stelmanis (Austra) and her songs. She has won a lot of fans’ hearts with her performance style, lyrics, and the sweetest voice in Toronto.

You are welcome to listen to the inspiring remix of “Lose It,” one of Austra’s greatest synthpop songs, created by Diamond Rings. Here are some interesting facts about Austra and Diamond Rings (a.k.a. John O’Regan), their friendship, and their way to popularity. 

Diamond Rings – Who It Is

John O’Regan is a popular Canadian musician famous for his remixes and unique techno sounds that attract thousands of fans worldwide. In 2009 he created a “Diamond Rings” pseudonym, and afterwards the musician quickly gained recognition by his early listeners.

John O’Regan was involved in several bands, one of which was The D'Urbervilles quartet. In the mid-2000s, he cooperated with Sylvie Smith in the Habitat duo. In 2006 they released just one single, “Next Year”, and afterwards Sylvie joined another band called Evening Hymns. 

In 2009 John released his first solo hit “All Yr Songs.” This song attracted lots of new listeners. It was distributed via Hype Lighter, John’s label that promoted his music on local TV and YouTube channels. 

Afterwards O’Regan continued getting fans from Europe and US thanks to his album Wait & See. His song “Show Me Your Stuff” and its striking video were compared to Klaus Nomi, Britney Spears, and Nirvana. O’Regan’s debut album reached the Canadian chart’s top 50 and gathered great reviews from music journalists. 

Diamond Rings attracts listeners with his rhythms and unique audio effects that make old music sound in a new way. Despite being diagnosed with Crohn's disease, John continued creating new music to make his fans happy. 

Another thing people love about Diamond Rings is his fashionable and bright looks that catch the eye. John O’Regan likes bright shades and shiny lipstick. His stage costumes are extravagant, but it makes his fans reach out to him even more. Whenever he appears on TV shows, it is undeniable that he has a particular taste in makeup and clothes. 

The Most Popular Remixes of Diamond Rings

In 2012 Diamond Rings released one of his most popular songs called “Runaway Love.” The next year, Stars presented the song’s remix on YouTube. That track found a lot of positive feedback on social media and enabled the promotion of both musicians in the indie-pop field. 

There is also another great remix of “All Yr Songs” by Green Go. It was released in 2010, but it can still be a great option for dance parties. Diamond Rings fans claimed the remix put the song in a different light. That is why many people were looking forward to downloading the renewed version of their favorite song. 

One of the most famous remixes of the song “I'm Just Me” by Yelle DJs was played often on Canadian radio stations. It also received numerous positive reviews in social media. In 2013 the track had a great chance to be the next big thing in the music industry, and Yelle DJs version promoted it to the top of Canadian charts.

Austra – Lose It (Diamond Rings Remix)

Katie Stelmanis and John O’Regan had been friends long before they started their music careers. O’Regan said Austra inspired him and helped his music get out of his own bedroom. When O’Regan moved to Toronto for studying purposes, he met Katie Stelmanis, and their story began. Professional singer and musician, O’Regan didn’t even know how to read sheet music back then. He knew just a couple of chords and the way he wanted his music to sound. Now the musician is grateful to Austra for introducing him to the Toronto music community and teaching him how to make electronic music. 

O’Regan was crazy about Austra’s music. When she released her first album Feel It Break, he knew exactly he would create something special with it. “Lose It” was O’Regan’s favorite song, so he decided to make a remix and add some new sounds to it. People loved the Diamond Rings version  just as much as the original. Go ahead and listen to the “Lose It” remix by Diamond Rings and find something special for you too!

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