How to Make an Audiobook

As the generation is moving towards a technically advanced industry, people are finding more ways to make their life comfortable. Reading books is a very good habit. But, listening to a book is an innovative time-saving way of gaining good knowledge. If an author thinks their book may create interest among the masses, they should try audiobooks. Creating audiobooks, allows you to increase your target audience. That’s not all audiobooks are faster, and an advanced option with several MP3 players for audiobooks.

What is the need for an audiobook?

An audiobook is not only a comfortable choice for readers but is evolving to become today's preference. If you are still doubting the necessity of an audiobook, below are some of them that might change your mind:

  • Anytime, anywhere

People want to utilize their time in their best interest. Carrying books everywhere is not possible and even reading an e-book is out of fashion. So, when they are traveling in public transport or driving their way home. They utilize their time by listening to songs or audiobooks. They can avail of such opportunity anytime anywhere all they need are good headphones.

  • Multitasking

While listening to the audiobook, one can do many tasks such as exercising, cooking, walking, cleaning, etc. Many people prefer to listen to audiobooks because of this advantage.

  • Decrease eye strain

Reading a book is a good habit but it can also lead to some health issues such as back pain, eye pain, etc. Reading an ebook can affect your eyes as it puts a strain on the eyes and might affect sleeping patterns. Whereas audiobooks are free from any such obstacles. If you are using earphones to listen to the audiobook, make sure those earphones are of good quality.

  • Saves time

Every person has a different speed of reading. This affects their schedule. Audiobooks save time as the speaker has a defined moderate speed. Audiobook also provides listeners with a countdown. So, the person knows how much time they need to finish that book.

Audiobooks have become the need of this century. And to be a successful author, you need to publish an audiobook on any website. But the question is how? Well don’t worry below is a step-by-step guide on how to make an Audiobook using ACX.

How to Make an Audiobook:

Many authors think that making an audiobook is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. But if they compare incurring cost with upcoming profit, it is nothing. Though some may back off because of these reasons, knowing the process is very important.

  1. Convert your paper book into an ebook

For beginners, if they don’t know, the very first suggestion is preparing an ebook that can be converted into an audiobook recording. While preparing an ebook author needs to cut off some irrelevant words that may distract the recorder while recording. Information such as hyperlinks, captions, addresses needs to be removed. Unnecessary information such as quotes needs to be removed. The E-book should be prepared diligently. Checking the book before finalizing for recording helps in removing any error. The E-book helps in creating a good and smooth audiobook. The narrator can easily zoom in and zoom out the fonts and it removes the issue of the sound of page-turning.

  1. Deciding about narrator

The E-book is ready but who will record the book into audio? For this, the author has three choices

  • Option A: Hiring a freelancer or a known narrator

One can easily get an audiobook freelancer at nominal rates by placing a hire request on various freelancing sites. Here, the person can choose according to their requirement and even ask for samples. This helps in selecting the best out of many. Alternatively, you can also choose someone you know who can be a good narrator for your story.

  • Option B: Record himself either at home or with the help of an audiobook producer

If the author wants to record in their voice, they need to think- how? One option is to record at home but this requires quality equipment such as a good mic, screen, etc. It will also require recording software which you can find online. You will also need a soundproof room with no external disturbance. A good option would be to record at the same voice pitch. This will provide your audiobook with consistency throughout the session. After you have completed your recordings send the audio files for editing.

Alternatively, you can ask for help from an audiobook producer. Initially, this might sound like a better option because they already have all the equipment ready, all you have to do is rent them as per your time and they will do the rest.

  • Option C: Hire an ACX narrator.

You can hire an ACX narrator from their web-site. From there, you will find a glib narrator who provides good quality voice recording. This is also a very good option, to begin with, as ACX rejects any audiobook if the voice is of poor quality. Hiring an ACX narrator is okay, but also note that they may charge royalty fees for their recorded audiobook.

  1. Audiobook Cover

Now you have the final recording in your hand. After that, you will have to create a cover that suits your audiobook. There are chances that you already have an e-book cover ready, but it may not work. As ACX has some pre-decided specifications regarding covers. If your cover meets those requirements then you are good to go. Otherwise, you will have to create a new cover as per their guidelines.

  1. Sign up with an ACX account

Creating an ACX account is easy. All you have to do is go to their website and sign up. Fill in the right details and bank account number. The correct information is needed because you will get any royalty generated by a customer directly into your account.

  1. Upload the book

Now all that’s required is uploading the audiobook along with its cover. Many times, while uploading an error pops-up stating specification error. This may occur when you did not check the required specification before editing your audiobook or its cover. To avoid this, it is better to check all the prerequisites and then finalize to upload.

That was all about how to make an Audiobook. Making an audiobook may sound difficult but in reality, it is not that difficult. Putting some extra effort can save you money but if you want quality hiring professionals should be a better option.

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