Great ideas of Foods to Pack When Traveling to a Music Festival

Summer is the time of numerous music festivals, and the number of people wishing to attend them only increases from year to year. When a person goes to such an event for the first time, there are many questions: how much money will be required, what things to take and what not to take, whether to take VIP tickets or ordinary tickets are enough and what food to take with you? After reading this article you will get comprehensive answers to these (and other) questions. Let's go.

Things You Need at The Festival

Here I will consider two options: when you go a company of 2-3 people by bus, train or hitchhiking and a large company by car.

In the first case, you need to choose the optimal number of things, so that it was feasible to travel with them in hand. It is better to take a tent tourist type, for 2-3 seats. As a rule, they weigh little, are easy to assemble, and do not take up much space. Be sure to take sleeping bags and mats under them - the cold from the ground is even in summer, especially in the evening.

If you are going by car with the company, you may take a big camping tent with a vestibule and a table and chairs for comfortable rest. You'd better take an inflatable mattress because you won't find a perfectly flat spot, and without it, you will feel every bump and rump under you. Do not forget to bring a pump for the mattress, now they are almost always sold separately. Take with you only standard tent pegs, with more powerful and well-framed pegs you will not be admitted to most of the festivals due to the likelihood that they will be used as edged weapons.

Be prepared for a variety of ways to prepare food. The amount of food you take with you will depend on

1. your budget;

2. the location of the tent relative to the stage; your desire to carry extra weight with you. Here's how you can eat at the festival without buying anything from the tents:

  • If you decide to cook, bring a compact and safe stove, fuel for it, a frying pan, plastic bowls, plates, and utensils. You can take a flask and fill it with boiling water in special places at the festival (instant noodles and other similar food can be poured with boiling water). A can opener or a can opener will come in handy, but if you have an army knife it will suffice.
  • Buy rice, noodles, and instant mashed potatoes. It's best to buy these foods in plastic containers in which they can be brewed so you don't have to carry a lot of utensils on you. You can buy instant soup.
  • It is convenient to take with you smoked sausage, cans of tuna, dried meat, sausages, nuts, raisins, dried fruit, bread, granola bars, candy, and chips in cardboard packaging (so you do not accidentally crush them) - these foods will not go bad, and they do not need to be cooked.
  • If you want to drink hot drinks, put tea and coffee bags in your bag (best to hide them in a bag with a clasp), cocoa, milk powder, and sugar.

How to Store Your Stuff?

How to Pack for a Festival
? No matter what and how many of you are going with, please make sure you have your ID card (passport, driving license) and money (get cash on the card beforehand - there are no ATMs at the festival). If you have a car, you can leave it for the time of the concert, for those who don't have it, there is a storage room. The main thing is not to leave them unattended in the tent, that's the most reckless thing you can do!

In addition, be sure to take the simplest medicines: medicine for diarrhea, allergies, headache, bandages, plaster. Also, take mosquito repellents and other insects. Although many people say that sound waves repel midges, this is not entirely true. Even though it's usually warm in the summer, you should bring some warm clothes. In case it rains, you need a raincoat and preferably boots - there is a muddy mess near the stage in the rain, so regular sneakers are no place there. If you have hot sunny weather, you should take a cap (it will protect you from heat stroke and sunburns). A waist bag is great for small items that you always need to carry with you. It's better than the pockets of shorts or jeans that tear and wipe at the most inopportune moment. Another important element of our festival attire is a foam that locks on your heel. If you constantly stand on your feet in the crowd waiting for your favorite band to perform, by the end of the first day your lower back will start to ache terribly. To avoid this happening, you can sit right on the ground with your butt, because this foam is soft and comfortable, so do many, believe me.

Ideas for Food

Now, let's talk about the food at the festivals. Here, too, need to read the information on the official website about a week before the event. For example, they used to let people into festivals with cans of stew, canned food, and so on. But times are changing, and later it was possible to take only sugar, tea bags, drinking water, and cookies. However, it also happens that at the festival you have to buy even drinking water at the festival site. Commercial interests of the organizers go farther and farther, the more people spend at the festival, the better for them, and this should be understood. If you have tea or coffee, but no boiling water, in most cases you'll have to pay even for it quite expensive.

As for the purchased food, at most festivals, there is a choice for almost any size wallet. Limited budget? No problem - a lot of stalls with sausages in the dough, belyash, khichin. If you have enough money, there are texas roadhouse catering menu, kebabs, and other delicacies, and for demanding gourmets you will find dishes with salads, the main course, and stuff.


We should separately mention alcohol. At festivals, only beer is officially on sale. There are those who once even exercised their right to multiple entries and exit into the area. They would get to the nearest store in the next village, buy stronger drinks and come back already "loaded", so now you have the answer to the question of what food to take to the festivals!


Now, after reviewing the main points and nuances of going to a music festival, you have an idea of how to act in this or that situation. I have no doubt that my recommendations will be useful and will definitely be useful in the field. Have a nice rest, positivity, drive, and, of course, a lot of good music!

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