Trans Europe Express

Trans Europe Express

What’s up? I know it’s been awhile since I’ve sent out any updates but don’t stay mad for long, OK? Because I’ve got some great news and it comes in the form of a massive European tour with Junior Boys (whom if you don’t know) areĀ one of my favourite bands ever.

All the dates are posted here and feature stops in cool places like Dublin, Stockholm, and Warsaw plus all the obvious places like Berlin and Barcelona. My debut album Special Affections will see its European release on November 1st as well so all you Euros have no excuse not to pre-game to my tunes when team DR comes rolling deep right through your area. What’s more, the kind folks at Astralwerks are also pressing a super limited edition tour only 7″ single featuring album cut “You & Me” on the A side and an electrosmooth cover of Scottish pub rockers Teenage Fanclub and their mid 90s gem “Mellow Doubt” on the flip. Surf over to Pitchfork if you can’t hardly wait to hear it…

Finally, I’m also playing what will likely be my last North American show for a good long while at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg on November 11th as part of the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Don’t miss the magic.

Whew! More to come soon. Did I mention I’m half-way finished recording a new record?